Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yakushiji-Temple in Nara

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[ watercolor, F6 size ]

Yakushiji Temple has been inscribed on the World Heritage List of the UNESCO as Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara in 1998.

Such as national treasures and important cultural properties and many other east tower and three statues Yakushi has been a large number saved in the Yakushi-ji Temple.

I will go to the beginning of the year to Yakushiji Temple every year.

I went well even when I was young. But it was the impression that was settled down old at that time.

That should be, West-tower and Kondo-hall is a typical building was burnt down ended up a war in 1528 too.

Then, Toyotomi clan was get on with reconstruction of the main hall, but it seems to have remained unfinished until recently Toyotomi clan is extinct in the middle.
And in recent years, Mr. Takata was appointed chief of here, the Kondo-hall and the West-tower is committed to rebuilding, it was reborn as beyond recognition.
This is where there is the Oike-pond in the direction of west-southwest of the Yakushiji Temple, but landscape overlooking the Wakakusa-mountain to distant view of this and Yakushiji Temple and Oike-pond over is beautiful, and many photographers have visited as the shooting spot.

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