Friday, August 22, 2014

To sketch the memories

Buildings and landscape there for a long time in Japan, there are still many.
If you sketch the memories you have made to travel, fun doubles more.

< Temple of the Golden Pavilion >
[graphicpen+watercolors, F6size]

Castle architecture gilt inside and outside the building.
Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu is founded in Kyoto Kitayama as a villa in 1397 AD.
It was registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO as Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto in 1994 AD.

< Ukimi-do Hall >
[Solid marker + watercolor, F4 size]

This is octagonal type of Hiwadabuki floating on the Sagi-ike pond of Nara Park.
Is the closeness to go in about 15 minutes by bike to Nara Park from our house.
What Burarito the park with a sketchbook on a nice day. I tried to draw the Ukimi-do Hall at that time.
Tourists and riding a rickshaw, young people riding on cycling car was apparent and is drawing people tosketch and also, many around here fine.

< Marumado-tei Arber >
[watercolors, F6size]

Located on the north side of Ukimi-do Hall, Plum grove is often in the vicinity region, neat and clean aroma of plum drifts in the early spring.
This is drawn when the spirit moved at a later date after taking the photo.
So a building was storehouse for keeping the Buddhist scripture of Kasuga Shrine with both, it is a characteristic building hollowed out in the window of the circular wall plate of three sides.

< Tamukeyama Hachiman-gu Shrine >
[solidmarker+watercolers, F6size]

Located on the south side of the famous the Nigatsu-do Hall traditional event that Omizu-tori event, Emperor Shomu erecting as guardian deity of Buddha Nara period.

※ Nara period; era 710-784 AD, there was a capital in Nara

This area is the attraction of autumn leaves.
I tried to draw from just a short walk away duck gate entering the precincts this.There is a need to avoid trouble, such as worshipers when drawing course, let's multiply the word voice to the chief priest's.

< Shirakawa-go village >
[solidmarker+watercolors, F6size]

Shirakawa-go is the designation of old Gifu Prefecture Shokawa basin.
This building is the A-frame of the gable roof convenient for sericulture and heavy snowfall.

The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, harmony with nature is beautiful, spacious room comfortably is impressive.

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