Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paintings of Buddha

There are many temples in Japan, Buddha has been enshrined as an object of faith here.
Sometimes there is a statue of Buddha that these superior in artistic, visitors make the long line.

< The statue of Ashura enshrined the Kofuku-ji Tenple >
[Tempera painting, size 227x158mm]

This has been designated a national treasure of Japan at the image of japanese lacquer coating made during the Nara Period. The height of the statue is 153.4cm
The Ashura statue from which it was popular among women as a good-looking man, and many mass media was also taken up.
Tempera painting is a feeling similar to oil painting, but was dissolved in the yolk of egg + vinegar instead of powder paints and draw on the canvas of cotton cloth.
A little tedious work involves, but is finished as oil painting.

< The statue of Kongo-rikishi >
[scratch, size 265x195mm]

The statue of a huge wooden 8.4m height, this is enshrined in the Todai-ji Temple Nandai-mon gate.
It is Unkei of Buddha master has made ​​this image on the Kamakura period.

※ Kamakura period; 1333-1483 AD

It draws failing to shave a black coat like a graver for the painting tools which carried out the black coat on the white plastic plate.

White and black contrast can express skillfully.

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