Monday, August 25, 2014

Portrait of kimono traditional

Currently, I no longer wear the kimono most usually in Japan. However, and celebrate wearing a kimono in the traditional events such as celebrations.

< The festival day for children aged seven, five and three >
[graphicpen+watercolore, F4size]

She is a state of delighted in kimono for the first time.
And I worship at the Kasuga Shrine after this, but her feet are unstable is Japanese clogs to walk the approach, she change to wear shoes, but she became a figure unbalanced. But she was a good mood do not care.

< Coming-of-age ceremony >
[watercolors, F6size]

Be considered an adult to become a 20-year-old in Japan, is a ritual to celebrate the people who adult such as national and local governments are organized on January 15.

People to attend in kimono many this formula, activeness of women becomes more attractive especially.

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