Thursday, September 18, 2014

Horyuji-Temple in Nara

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[watercolor, F4 size]

There is a toe-cathedral with a focus on Yumedono and Saiin cathedral with a focus on the five-story pagoda and Kondo generally in this Horyuji.

Is said to be the world's oldest wooden building as the existing, it has been designated a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1993.

A characteristic that the larger the size of the roof of each of the heavy goes down, and together with the texture of wooden piled the age In addition, five-storied pagoda of here, you will feel the impression that it was stout.

There are also many cultural assets, such as Buddhism and crafts Buddha statue of Asuka and Nara era, from the fact that it is in the position of about 10km towards the southwest from Yakushiji of Nishinokyo, school trips students and those interested in Religious But I seen many figure to tour tourism.

I also came here several times. And, it was decided to try to draw a five-storied pagoda of Horyuji Temple with a flavor that was unlike the west tower, east tower of Yakushi-ji Temple.

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