Monday, October 20, 2014

The Five-storied pagoda of Kohfukuji-temple

[ Acrylic gouache, F0 size ]

Kohfukuji-temple was built in about 1300 years ago. However, this building is one that was rebuilt what was destroyed repeatedly, such as lightning and war, to be extant.
And reconstruction projects of a grand cathedral is underway today.

This Kohfukuji-temple is has become a landscape representing the Nara located in the Nara Park, many tourists visit.
By the way, it is a convenient location, a 5-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station.

This painting as it looked from a building on the west side neighborhood, and offer views to the five-story pagoda and back the Southern octagonal hall in front.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Horyuji-Temple in Nara

< Horyuji-Temple >
[watercolor, F4 size]

There is a toe-cathedral with a focus on Yumedono and Saiin cathedral with a focus on the five-story pagoda and Kondo generally in this Horyuji.

Is said to be the world's oldest wooden building as the existing, it has been designated a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1993.

A characteristic that the larger the size of the roof of each of the heavy goes down, and together with the texture of wooden piled the age In addition, five-storied pagoda of here, you will feel the impression that it was stout.

There are also many cultural assets, such as Buddhism and crafts Buddha statue of Asuka and Nara era, from the fact that it is in the position of about 10km towards the southwest from Yakushiji of Nishinokyo, school trips students and those interested in Religious But I seen many figure to tour tourism.

I also came here several times. And, it was decided to try to draw a five-storied pagoda of Horyuji Temple with a flavor that was unlike the west tower, east tower of Yakushi-ji Temple.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yakushiji-Temple in Nara

< Yakushiji Temple >
[ watercolor, F6 size ]

Yakushiji Temple has been inscribed on the World Heritage List of the UNESCO as Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara in 1998.

Such as national treasures and important cultural properties and many other east tower and three statues Yakushi has been a large number saved in the Yakushi-ji Temple.

I will go to the beginning of the year to Yakushiji Temple every year.

I went well even when I was young. But it was the impression that was settled down old at that time.

That should be, West-tower and Kondo-hall is a typical building was burnt down ended up a war in 1528 too.

Then, Toyotomi clan was get on with reconstruction of the main hall, but it seems to have remained unfinished until recently Toyotomi clan is extinct in the middle.
And in recent years, Mr. Takata was appointed chief of here, the Kondo-hall and the West-tower is committed to rebuilding, it was reborn as beyond recognition.
This is where there is the Oike-pond in the direction of west-southwest of the Yakushiji Temple, but landscape overlooking the Wakakusa-mountain to distant view of this and Yakushiji Temple and Oike-pond over is beautiful, and many photographers have visited as the shooting spot.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Portrait of kimono traditional

Currently, I no longer wear the kimono most usually in Japan. However, and celebrate wearing a kimono in the traditional events such as celebrations.

< The festival day for children aged seven, five and three >
[graphicpen+watercolore, F4size]

She is a state of delighted in kimono for the first time.
And I worship at the Kasuga Shrine after this, but her feet are unstable is Japanese clogs to walk the approach, she change to wear shoes, but she became a figure unbalanced. But she was a good mood do not care.

< Coming-of-age ceremony >
[watercolors, F6size]

Be considered an adult to become a 20-year-old in Japan, is a ritual to celebrate the people who adult such as national and local governments are organized on January 15.

People to attend in kimono many this formula, activeness of women becomes more attractive especially.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Paintings of Buddha

There are many temples in Japan, Buddha has been enshrined as an object of faith here.
Sometimes there is a statue of Buddha that these superior in artistic, visitors make the long line.

< The statue of Ashura enshrined the Kofuku-ji Tenple >
[Tempera painting, size 227x158mm]

This has been designated a national treasure of Japan at the image of japanese lacquer coating made during the Nara Period. The height of the statue is 153.4cm
The Ashura statue from which it was popular among women as a good-looking man, and many mass media was also taken up.
Tempera painting is a feeling similar to oil painting, but was dissolved in the yolk of egg + vinegar instead of powder paints and draw on the canvas of cotton cloth.
A little tedious work involves, but is finished as oil painting.

< The statue of Kongo-rikishi >
[scratch, size 265x195mm]

The statue of a huge wooden 8.4m height, this is enshrined in the Todai-ji Temple Nandai-mon gate.
It is Unkei of Buddha master has made ​​this image on the Kamakura period.

※ Kamakura period; 1333-1483 AD

It draws failing to shave a black coat like a graver for the painting tools which carried out the black coat on the white plastic plate.

White and black contrast can express skillfully.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Draw enjoying a fancy

[graphicpen+coloredpencil, F4size]

When I look at print Fifty-three Stages of the Tokaido which Utagawa Hiroshige drew to Edo period, and it was remembered Uzumasa film studio in Kyoto has ever done before.

※ Edo period; 1600-1867 AD

There, the actor who plays a costume drama in the set, people to tour around it are mixed in a different dimension, I have a picture to refer to the scene.
Outline of this picture with a pen, I tried to draw in colored pencils coloring.
The excitement at the sight the samurai movie when I was a child of us, was wrapped in cheers and applause while cheering ally of justice toward the screen. Nostalgic feeling comes springs.

Friday, August 22, 2014

To sketch the memories

Buildings and landscape there for a long time in Japan, there are still many.
If you sketch the memories you have made to travel, fun doubles more.

< Temple of the Golden Pavilion >
[graphicpen+watercolors, F6size]

Castle architecture gilt inside and outside the building.
Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu is founded in Kyoto Kitayama as a villa in 1397 AD.
It was registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO as Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto in 1994 AD.

< Ukimi-do Hall >
[Solid marker + watercolor, F4 size]

This is octagonal type of Hiwadabuki floating on the Sagi-ike pond of Nara Park.
Is the closeness to go in about 15 minutes by bike to Nara Park from our house.
What Burarito the park with a sketchbook on a nice day. I tried to draw the Ukimi-do Hall at that time.
Tourists and riding a rickshaw, young people riding on cycling car was apparent and is drawing people tosketch and also, many around here fine.

< Marumado-tei Arber >
[watercolors, F6size]

Located on the north side of Ukimi-do Hall, Plum grove is often in the vicinity region, neat and clean aroma of plum drifts in the early spring.
This is drawn when the spirit moved at a later date after taking the photo.
So a building was storehouse for keeping the Buddhist scripture of Kasuga Shrine with both, it is a characteristic building hollowed out in the window of the circular wall plate of three sides.

< Tamukeyama Hachiman-gu Shrine >
[solidmarker+watercolers, F6size]

Located on the south side of the famous the Nigatsu-do Hall traditional event that Omizu-tori event, Emperor Shomu erecting as guardian deity of Buddha Nara period.

※ Nara period; era 710-784 AD, there was a capital in Nara

This area is the attraction of autumn leaves.
I tried to draw from just a short walk away duck gate entering the precincts this.There is a need to avoid trouble, such as worshipers when drawing course, let's multiply the word voice to the chief priest's.

< Shirakawa-go village >
[solidmarker+watercolors, F6size]

Shirakawa-go is the designation of old Gifu Prefecture Shokawa basin.
This building is the A-frame of the gable roof convenient for sericulture and heavy snowfall.

The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, harmony with nature is beautiful, spacious room comfortably is impressive.