Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Original landscape of Nagano Prefacture Azumini

In Daio wasabi farm north from Nagano Expressway, Azumino interchange, located at the place of about 10 minutes by car.

As wasabi is said to not be cultivated only in the place where cold pristine spring water is flowing, here from the fact that the water springs is snowmelt of the Northern Alps are suitable for cultivation, but wasabi field boasts the widest cultivation area in Japan so It is.
Generally Speaking of field you can imagine to cultivation and plowing the soil, but a characteristic that in the case of wasabi is grown in the clear stream, the taste will feel the freshness.

And, wasabi is immediately on the horizontal Tatekawa honoring the spring water flows of the field, here there is a water mill of triplicate.
Here is a place that became the stage of the movie "dream" the director Akira Kurosawa has been made, since the original landscape of Azumino can enjoy, has become a tourist spot together with wasabi field.

I tried to draw the original landscape that left the clean water flowing in the water mill the cool taste to wrap around it.

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  1. Beautiful blog! I was looking for watercolor and Japan and I found your work here. Very nice to see your paintings and to read some history about Japan. Keep going! =)