Saturday, July 8, 2017

Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple in Nara

As usual, many tourists are visiting Nara Park.

Especially touching deer and big Buddha of Todaiji are popular among students of families and school trips.

I heard that this Great Buddha was founded by the Emperor Shomu in 743 AD.

After that it has repeatedly burned down and rebuilt repeatedly due to civil war and so on.

The Great Buddha is seated on the platform, but the figure overlooking the worshiper from the height of 14.7 m was overwhelming even by modern people, maybe I felt such a prestige as to overwhelm the foundation .

In order to feel such prestige, I tried to draw only the profile face of the Great Buddha.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Chickens drawn by Itoh Jakuchu.

Itoh Jakuchu of an artist who played an active part in the Edo period.

As it was 300 years birth last year

Many have been introduced at exhibitions and TVs.

He was good at drawing chickens,

This work depicts a cuddling chicken lumping together under the branches of Kidney beans.

I painted a watercolor painting by slightly changing the composition of this work.